Friday, August 20, 2010

Web Browsing on the Atari 2600???

A recent discussion on an Astronomy forum took a turn for the earthly with the announcement of a new web site at StellarVue Telescopes. People were checking it out, reporting on minor fixes they felt were necessary and trying it with different systems and OSes. Then came the first report of a total crash and burn. From a Commodore 64 user. Next we had reports of failures on Heathkit and Vic-20 systems, too.

"Aha," I thought," a perfect opportunity to try out my Web Surfer cartridge on my Atari 2600!"

Here are the results:

My Atari 2600 with the Web Surfer Cartridge,
Displaying the
StellarVue Web Site.

Check out my Atari web page for more pictures and info on this amazing VCS cart!

Note to those following my Java Programming Stuff: I was supposed to post this over at my other blog, An Infinite Number of Cats on Keyboards, but I punched the wrong button on my Blogger Dashboard, and it ended up here instead. Sorry about that. Now back to our regularly scheduled Java program...